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With imported state-of art technology and equipment from Japan and assured by ISO 9001quality system, Hebei Jiya Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and manufacturing various types of TN, HTN, STN and FSTN LCD panels and relevant SMT, COB, TAB and COG modules, ranging from segment, character, dot matrix to graphic type. Its annual production capacity reaches 50,000m2 LCD panels under 640X480dots and 10 million modules respectively.

1.Primary Parameters of product
   1) Size: 285X345mm and under
   2) Glass thickness: 0.4,0.55, 0.7,1.1mm
   3) Pixel pitch: minimum 10um
   4) Duty: 1/240 and less
   5) Connection: silicon rubber sheet, heat seal connector, clip terminal, TAB and COG etc.
2. Type of product
   1) Display mode: positive and negative
   2) Optic mode: reflective, transmissive, transflective, holographic etc.
   3) Device type: TN, HTN, STN, FSTN.
   4) Color mode: yellow and green, green, gray, black, white, blue etc.
3. Application
   1) Telecommunication
   2) Household electric
   3) Machine and equipment
   4) Traffic appliance
   5) Entertainment
   6) Medical health
   7) Shutter
   8) Other appliance
4. Characteristics of product
Besides the common functions of LCDs, Jiya's product has its unique features as follows:
   1) High reliability-life expectancy reaching 100,000hours;
   2) Wide range of temperature-from -40°C-80°C
   3) Low power consumption-maximum power consumption stays 8nA/mm2
   4) Wide viewing angle-viewing angle reaching 120°C We assure our customers of satisfactory service and competitive price if you choose Jiya's LCD panels modules.